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Sheet Pan Veggies

I’m being completely honest when I say, I have never been more in love with a veggie dish.  It quick to prepare, and it is SO STINKIN GOOD!  (And you feel amazingly healthy while eating them, which makes you feel better if you happen to eat a bunch of junk food earlier…)     You’ll… Read More Sheet Pan Veggies

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DIY Floating Halloween Bats

  It’s Halloween season!  Want frighteningly brilliant decorations?!  TRY THESE!!!  These bats are easy to make and even easier to put up.  We love our floating bat friends–they make Halloween one of our favorite holidays.   For these floating flyers, you’ll need: Some fishing line Scissors Thumb tacks (roughly the color of your ceiling) Rubber… Read More DIY Floating Halloween Bats

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Nutella Bombs

As we were browsing the internet, we came across a video for a  beautiful Nutella dessert.  It looked absolutely delicious.  Later (of course) we started craving the Nutella stuffed something, but WE COULDN’T FIND IT so….we  decided just to make up our own recipe!   It turned out so good that we had to share… Read More Nutella Bombs