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DIY Floating Halloween Bats


It’s Halloween season!  Want frighteningly brilliant decorations?!  TRY THESE!!!  These bats are easy to make and even easier to put up.  We love our floating bat friends–they make Halloween one of our favorite holidays.

DIY Floating Halloween bats Final


For these floating flyers, you’ll need:

  • Some fishing line
  • Scissors
  • Thumb tacks (roughly the color of your ceiling)
  • Rubber bats (they’re super cheap, and you can pick them up in stores around Halloween time)
  • A ladder
  • (Needle nose pliers are super helpful when tying the knots but are not required)

Batty Materials

First, you’ll take your fishing line and cut it to varying lengths, depending on how low you want the bats to hang.  It is important to cut the lines into different lengths, so when you hang them they’re not all exactly the same height.  You’ll want the illusion that they are flying and swarming!


Step 1

Take one end of the fishing line and tie it to the loop of your bat using a figure 8 knot.

(If your bat doesn’t have a convenient loop for tying to, don’t worry!  Create your own loop by drilling a hole through the bat, feed a long and thin elastic hair tie through the hole (preferably black).  Then tie an overhand knot in the end that sticks out on the underside of the bat–whala!  You made your own loop!)


Step 2


The other end of your fishing line (that’s not attached to a bat) should be tied to a thumb tack (as shown above).  Make sure that your knots are good so you don’t need to re-tie them every year (this is where the needle nose pliers come in handy for grabbing and tightening the knot).  For easy storage and to keep the fishing line untangled, wrap the fishing line around the bat’s wings and press the thumb tack into the bat ( as shown below).

NOTE:  If you made the knot nice and tight around the tack, even if the tack does fall out, the loop will still be in your line so just put the tack back through the loop and your good to go!


Batty Storage


When the fishing line is all attached, you just need to press the thumb tacks into the ceiling.  BAM!  You’ve got yourself a family of bats helping out for the holidays!

Batty Temp

We love hanging these guys every year!

Here’s a tip to make the hanging experience the most fun for everyone:  Have one person on the ladder and others on the ground unwrapping the fishing line while holding the tack, from each bat one at a time.  The people on the ground then hand the tack, with the bat dangling from it, to the person on the ladder.  This way, the tack is most likely to stay in its loop and the person on the ladder, can see how low the bat will hang, so they can pick a good spot to push the tack into the ceiling.  The people on the ground can also assist by suggesting hanging places.  Some years we hang them like they’re flying down the staircase.  Other years, we hang them so they look like they are swarming around our main room.  Do what works for your house!

We hope you enjoy your floating bats as much as we do–they THRILL us 🙂

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