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You know, I love writing letters but honestly, I get bored with just a plain white envelope to encase my golden bits of wisdom in! So here is a step by step plan to jazz up some envelopes so you can impress all who look and read your letters:) Plus its just fun and really easy!

Okay, I used Watercolor Pencils, Small Paint Brushes, a normal Black Pen, and Water with plain white Letter Sized Envelopes to create the goodness! You can easily do this with colored pencils, markers, or regular watercolors too! The steps will be basically the same:)




First things first you need to choose what to draw. I suggest keeping it simple and fun! That makes it easy and less stressful haha. I chose to paint an ice cream cone for this demonstration, but you can see more of my ideas in the pictures!


Step 1


After you have the look you like I always start painting or coloring with the boldest colors first. I chose to have pink ice cream with a brown cone so I would use my darkest shades and go over all of my pencil.


Step 2


Okay so now that everything is outlined I go back through and fill in all of my white space with the lighter shades of my chosen colors:)


Step 4


Now I go through with water and my paint brush to blend the fine pencil lines and to give it a smooth painted look!


Step 5


So, some of the definition may have been lost, that is okay! I just go back through with my bolder darker colors and redraw or reestablish my defines outlines!


Step 6


Now that everything is all colored I can start outlining with my black pen. I love doing this because it gives whatever you are drawing a finished look! I just outline everything very simply and then I go through and add details.


Step 7



Step 8


And then you’re done!! Its really easy and fun and I am sure that they will bring a smile to the face of the receiver! Just mess around and have fun and they will turn out super great!! You can do it!!



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