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Nutella Bombs

As we were browsing the internet, we came across a video for a  beautiful Nutella dessert.  It looked absolutely delicious.  Later (of course) we started craving the Nutella stuffed something, but WE COULDN’T FIND IT so….we  decided just to make up our own recipe!

Nutella Bombs | The Family DIY


It turned out so good that we had to share it! It’s a flowing river of chocolate hazelnut cinnamon sugar love. They’re good hot or cold, plain or with whipped cream, and they’re beautifully rich so you’ll need some liquid to wash them down with 🙂


2TB Cinnamon

4TB Granulated Sugar

2 Eggs

1 Jar of Nutella

1 3/4 Loaves of White Bread (I used almost 2 loaves)



1 large Circle Cookie Cutter (or jar)

1 small Circle Cookie Cutter (or jar)

a Muffin Tin

2 Pie Tins (or another flat bowl thing)

Cooking Spray



Okay, so we started by cutting circles out of each piece of bread, depending on the size of the circles you might not be able to fit 2 circles on one piece sadly. We plan on feeding the ducks with our leftover scraps so we don’t feel too bad about it 🙂  You’ll need 12 large circles of bread and 12 small circles for the tops.

Step 1


Next, we dipped the large circles into the egg (lightly beaten) french toast style. Then we coated them in cinnamon and sugar and pressed them into the muffin tin.


Step 2

Step 3


Step 4


The next thing we did was fill our little pies with Nutella 3/4 of the way full. It doesn’t take as much

Nutella as you think!


Step 5

Repeat the egg dipping/cinnamon coating process with the smaller circles to create the lids.  Place them on top of the Nutella filled bottoms.  The next step is all about the look you want to go for…

Step 6


You can either tuck the tops in (like I did here) or you can lay the tops flat and pinch the two sides together with a fork (like a pie).  Whatever you do, just make sure that you pinch the sides together in order to seal the Nutella inside.

You’ll bake these puppies at 350 degrees for seven minutes, and BANG you’ve got yourself some Nutella bombs.



Nutella Bombs | The Family DIY

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